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Below are some testimonies of students from arround the world.

Christopher E. L. Toote

Jacksonville Theological Seminary is lead by men and women called by God.  The courses are designed to acquaint the students with the Bible and the God of the Bible. It is not an institution of mere fact finding, information gathering, or intellectualism.  The student has a life changing encounter with Jesus the Christ. The anointed lectureship and remarkable textbooks are true to the intent of the Word, accurate in its exegesis, practical in its teaching, and spirit filled in its delivery.  Although this is the fifth seminary from which I have received instruction, it has by far offered the most life changing assignments that have practically prepared me for a lifework of Ministry.  The testimonies of the professors, the availability of the facilitators, the discovery and verification of your divine purpose, and the equipping of one for selfless service for a self-sacrificing Savior, are all guaranteed experiences for all JTS students.  As a result of my studies at JTS I have made a renewed commitment to family life, Christian integrity, functioning in the spiritual gifts assigned by God, ministerial sobriety, salvation of souls, and “rightly dividing the Word of Truth”.  I would highly recommend Jacksonville Theological Seminary to anyone who wants to have a spiritually, theologically, practically sound effective Ministry.


Christopher E. L, Toote

M.B.A., M.Div., M.Th., Th.D., DMin


Vice President, Student Affairs

Jarvis Christian College



Dr. Warren D. Brown

I would like to tell you that studying at your institution has been one of the most exciting time of my life. I am the proud holder of three degrees. However, the fourth degree that I am in the midst of completing has been the best one. It has been ordained that by God that I receive this degree in order to further his glory. The information that I have obtained is valuable for the mission that I need to embark on. I did not know the Lord until late in life. However, I cannot stop in trying to learn more about Him. The courses that I have taken have been valuable in my learning and maturation process as a Christian. I was given information and knowledge that I did not know. I was given the ability to be a spiritual Blessing to others.  Knowledge without wisdom is dangerous. I am have been given the ability to seek wisdom through the guidance of God by my studies at JTS. I feel that I was able to learn from the tapes and able to go back and decipher the information that was needed the most. I feel for once in my life that I have received a true gift from God through my studies at Jacksonville Theological and Seminary.
It has been an honor to have been a student at JTS. I feel that I am now equipped to go and deliver the words of a great savior like Jesus Christ through the learning process received at JTS.
I Proudly recommend JTS to anyone,
Your Grateful Servant,
Dr. Warren D. Brown

Dr. James A. Roberts

In Jacksonville Theological Seminary I found a program that fit my ministerial and educational goals and worked within my schedule. Jacksonville Theological Seminary is solid in Biblically sound teaching. The courses stimulate both the cognitive and spiritual dimensions of one's learning experience.


The flexibility of home schooling fit well within my personal and ministerial responsibilities. I found JTS to be a challenging program that combined theory with practical application. The lessons were readily transferable to the ministry God has placed me in.


The knowledge I received from JTS has been applied in my duties as the pastor of the Healing Waters Church in Canon City, Colorado. I have been taking college classes for some thirty plus years, from colleges all over the United States. I have taken many classes that I found to be boring and hard to apply to real life. However, I found the program at JTS to be stimulating, challenging, and refreshing.


JTS not only helped me to be a better minister in my church, but also to function as a leader in the conference in which I serve. JTS has definitely sharpened my God given skills.


Probably the greatest benefits I have received from my training at JTS have been in the area of personal character development. It has shown me that perseverance and persistence pay off eventually. Having my doctor's degree in Theology has given me a greater degree of credibility as a member of the board of directors for the Rocky Mountain Conference of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church, and as the WIN (prayer) director for the conference.


JTS is a quality seminary that fulfilled my needs and exceeded my expectations. It is an awesome opportunity to grow. I would highly recommend JTS to anyone interested in pursuing a Christian education.


Dr. James A. Roberts

Dr. Rick L. Wright

The Bible starts off in Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God  It ends in the Book of Revelation 22:21 with the word amen. This Book of Books reveals God's plan for humanity. Filled with great stories of tragedy, triumph, sin, forgiveness, and love it is a constant reminder of what it is to be alive in the world.

Much of my faith journey has involved the pursuit of education. So where does an Episcopalian with an A.S. in Data Processing Technology, a B.S. in Biblical Education and Computer Information Systems, a Master of Arts in Church Ministries and a Masters in Library Science decide to pursue his doctoral studies? Of course, JTS!

I am here to assure you today that I do not regret that decision. I named my final dissertation "Toward a Theology of Education and Christian Formation: Theoria and Ortho-praxis with Particular Focus on the Holy Spirit." It was about 200 pages of blood, sweat and tears but I made it!

I graduated at the end of May with a Doctor of Religious Philosophy in Christian Education degree. Since Library Science builds itself off all knowledge, this degree is also proving to be useful in my secular work. It is amazing how things just work out if you keep pressing toward the goal. God cares and makes the impossible happen. Just like the Bible itself, the Amen will surely occur sometime toward the close of my days as it will for each of us. In the meantime, I am glad that JTS came along during these years of my life and trust that the things I learned from my professors at JTS will remain hidden in my heart yet lived out in my daily walk.

Thank you, JTS for being a friend!

Dr. Rick L. Wright


Adrian Ang

"In JTS people don't change the Word but the Word  changes  people. My life has been spiritually well nourished ever since I started with JTS. Their teachings consist of a good mixture of the Word and things of the Spirit"
Adrian Ang

Rose Glass

God's Counsel James 1:5, NJKV If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him. Prior to attending JTS I knew in my knower that God had a plan for me. He wanted to move me past faith into trusting Him to bring through every challenge thereby acheiving my expected end. I knew that it was up to me to decide to let God use me. First by preparing for the task. I attended JTS and earned a B.A. degree in Biblical Studies and M.A. degree in Christian Psychology. God has opened so many doors of opportunity for me that I am amazed weekly! I minister in word and song in Churches, Prisons, Parks and TV Studios. I am currently working on writing books and exploring the idea of an unconventional 411 television show. Commitment to prayer and applying the knowledge of God's word has been the key. I honor the Lord for His faithfulness to me. I praise Him for the truth that I do not operate on yesterday's mercy because He gives me brand new mercies everyday. He has not suffered His faithfulness to fail me. I love Him, He is Jesus, the Christ my Lord. In His Service & Under His Command.
I am, Rose Glass, M.A.
Atlanta, GA

Dr. Mike Lehew

Mike Lehew - Th.D.-Jacksonville Theological Seminary. I was looking prayerfully for a school to further my educational goals in ministry. I wanted a quality school that had a good distance education program so I could stay close to my ministry and not have to leave town for classes, seminars, etc. I looked at several good schools but felt led by the Holy Spirit to look closely at JTS. After discussing the school, it's courses of study, and what their whole purpose for being in existence was all about, there was no question, JTS was where I was supposed to be. I have degrees from state universities and the JTS program was equaling as challenging and much more fulfilling. I recommend it to anyone seeking to enrich their life through a study of God's word, especially to those already in ministry.

Dr. Henry J. Holland

It is with tribute and esteem that I take this opportunity to recommend JTS to those who are busy and would like to continue their education. Being in ministry for over thirty years and a corporate executive eighteen of those years; my schedule was full. While traveling internationally and teaching full time at a Bible College, there was an increasing desire to deepen my well with knowledge. JTS offered the ability to further my education with "at home studies" that met my needs and schedule. Here I am, a pastor, educator, a Dean at a Bible school, and an internationally traveling evangelist wanting to add more to my plate. JTS gave me the ability to study at my pace and schedule. They offered classes taught by qualified and anointed instructors that ministered to me as a seasoned minister. The classes were quality, filled with practical and spiritual information that enriched my life. The classes furthered my insight to God's Word, pastoral perspectives, and Christian Counseling. With approval, admiration, and appreciation, I endorse JTS for what they have done for me. I now have my Th.D through JTS and I am extremely pleased with what I received in instruction. If you are considering continuing your studies at home, STUDY with JTS!
In His Service
Dr. Henry J. Holland

Melissa Weber

I have been a distance learning student at Jacksonville Theological Seminary for a little over a year now. I am pursuing a Masters degree in Christian Psychology. Dr. Terry Lee Stair is my Facilitator and he has been marvelous with answering questions concerning school assignments and requirements and also with "Being There spiritually for my husband and I when life presented twists and turns this year. I have loved all the classes I have taken so far through JTS. The entire experience has been VERY positive. The Instructors are great and the course material is interesting and challenging had been looking for a school at which to study Theology/Religious studies related subjects before I found JTS. I checked out some Universities in the Atlanta area, but the class time/location either was not a good match for my schedule, or the majors offered were not quite what I desired. I had specific interests and being that I have a BA in Sociology and Philosophy, and a desire to meld that with Gods word, Christian Psychology is just what I was looking for. The study at home feature of this program is just what I need since I am also working full-time at Snellville United Methodist Church. I have learned so much through my studies and as an effect, I have grown spiritually. I would definitely recommend this program for anyone who is busy but also dedicated and serious about studying religious/theological subjects and earning a degree. God is definitely working through JTS!
Because of the Grace of God,
Melissa Weber Snellville, GA

Dr. Terry Stair * 112 Jacqueline Terrace * Milledgeville * Ga.* 31061