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Knights of the Holy Order of Godly Men

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On this page we will describe our background and philosophy.

Our Mission

Noble Manhood

With fractured families and alternative family forms increasing, and the traditional family in the minority. I love that term. Guys stick out their chest when we use the word noble. We still live in a time of dumbed-down masculinity. Nobody knows what it means to be a man, or if it's okay to be a man. I think men want to step up and be men, in the way that knights were men. Knights grew out of a dark age, a time when there were no noble men. The knights were called to stand above the age, and to stand for something. I knew these were values I wanted to teach my sons. They are our four foundation stones for authentic manhood. A real man is one who rejects passivity, accepts responsibility, leads courageously, and expects the greater reward, God's reward. This all outlined in the book by Robert Lewis raising a modern day Knight. Many ask about my dad well he was my hero, but he fell when he divorced my mother. You see he did not hang in there, he did not deny himself but like most of us he choose the easy way. I still have fond memories of my dad (I also honor him as having a part in leading me to Christ.) and I have strong faith because of him but he is no longer an example to me of a real man. I have also failed in my life too. I could have done more to be there for my children. I have in the last few years made a lot of corrections and I hope you will take some good advice and take time for the family because our Lord made the family FIRST. Bless you and always conduct yourself with noble manhood in mind, because others are watching.

Our History

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