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Jacksonville Theological Seminary

Welcome to Jacksonville Theological Seminary.

If you are wanting to learn more about the Lord, I think you may be interested in Jacksonville Theological Seminary. Here you can receive a fully accredited Associate, Bachelor, Master or Doctorate degree in such areas as Biblical Studies, Theology, Christian Education, Christian Psychology and Theology.

At Jacksonville Theological Seminary, we offer correspondence studies. We are not in the business of giving "mail order degrees, " but if you are willing to work hard to achieve your goal you should talk to us.

If you are interested in further information, feel free to contact Dr. Max O. Flynn, our Facilitator.
You can do so by E-Mail ( or you can give me a call at (252) 355-2888.

Jacksonville Theological Seminary

Dear prospective student:

Doctrinal Statement

Jacksonville Theological Seminary is Interdenominational
in nature, however, we hold to the following
Articles of Faith:

I. The Holy Scriptures

We believe that The Holy Bible is The Word of The Living God; true, immutable,
steadfast, unchangeable, as its author, The Lord Jehovah; that it was written by
Holy men of old as they were moved upon and inspired by The Holy Spirit.

II. The Eternal Godhead

We believe that there is but one true and Living God; maker of heaven and earth
and all that in them is; the Alpha and Omega, Whoever was, and is and shall be
without end; that in the unity of The Godhead there are three, equal in every
divine perfection, executing distinct but harmonious offices in the great work of

The Father -- whose glory is so exceeding bright that mortal man cannot look upon
His face and live; but whose heart was so filled with love and pity for His lost and
sin-benighted children that He freely gave His only begotten Son to redeem and
reconcile them to Himself.

The Son -- Co-existent and CO-eternal with The Father, Who, conceived by The
Holy Spirit and born of the virgin named Mary, took upon Himself the form of
man, bore our sins, carried our sorrows; and by the shedding of His precious blood
upon the cross of Calvary purchased redemption for all that would believe upon
Him; bursting the bonds of death and hell, rose from the grave and ascended on
high leading captivity captive, that as the Great Mediator betwixt God and man, He
might sit at the right hand of The Father making intercession for whom He laid
down His life.

The Holy Spirit -- The third person of The Godhead, The Spirit of The Father
shed abroad, omnipotent, omnipresent, performing an inexpressible important
mission upon earth, convicting of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment, drawing
sinners to The Savior, rebuking, pleading, searching, comforting, guiding, quickening,
teaching, glorifying, baptizing, and enduing with power from on high, all who yield
to His tender ministries, preparing them for the great day of The Lord's appearing.

III The Fall of Man

We believe that man was created in the image of God, before whom he walked in
holiness and purity; but that by voluntary disobedience and transgression, he fell
from the Eden of purity and innocence to the depths of sin and iniquity; and that in
consequence of this, all mankind are sinners sold unto Satan; sinners not by
coercion but by choice, shaped in iniquity and utterly void by nature of the holiness
required by the law of GOD, positively inclined to evil, guilty and without excuse,
justly deserving the condemnation of a just and Holy God.

IV. The Plan of Redemption

We believe that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us, the just for the unjust;
freely and by divine appointment of The Father, taking the sinners place bearing his
sins receiving his condemnation, dying his death fully paying his penalty and signing
with His life's blood, the pardon of everyone who should believe upon Him; that
upon simple faith and acceptance of the atonement purchased on Mount Calvary,
the vilest sinner may be cleansed of his iniquities and made whiter than the driven

V. Salvation Through Grace

We believe that the salvation of sinners is wholly through grace; that we have no
righteousness or goodness of our own wherewith to seek divine favor, and must
come, therefore, throwing ourselves upon the unfailing mercy and life of Him who
bought us and washed us in his blood, pleading the merits and righteousness of
Christ the Savior, standing upon His word and accepting the free gifts of His love
and pardon.

VI. The Baptism of The Holy Spirit

We believe that the Baptism of The Holy Spirit is the incoming of the promised
Comforter in might and glorious fullness to endue the believer with power from on
high and thus enable him for these purposes: to glorify and exalt The Lord Jesus; to
give inspired utterance in witness of Him; to foster the spirit of prayer, holiness and
sobriety; to equip the individual and The Church for practical, efficient, joyous
Spirit-filled soul winning in the fields of life. We believe that this still being the
dispensation of The Holy Spirit, the believer may have every reason to expect His
incoming to be after the same manner as that in which He came upon Jew &
Gentile alike in Bible days and as recorded in The Word.

VII. The Second Coming of Christ

We believe that the second coming of Christ is personal and imminent; that he will
descend from Heaven in the clouds of glory with the voice of The Archangel and
with the trump of God; and that this hour, which no man knoweth beforehand the
dead in Christ shall rise; then the redeemed that are alive and remain shall be caught
up together with them in the clouds, to meet The Lord in the air; and that so shall
they ever be with The Lord.

Accreditation Information

Jacksonville Theological Seminary is authorized by the State Board of Independent Colleges and
Universities to operate under chapter 246.083 of the Florida Statutes. As such, JTS is authorized to
grant the degrees it awards from the associate through the doctorate.
Jacksonville Theological Seminary is fully accredited by the
National Accrediting Agency for Private Schools (NAAPS), Atlanta, Ga.

Accreditation is primarily designed to:

(1) certify that an institution has met the established standards of excellence;
(2) assist prospective students in identifying reputable institutions which offer degree
programs that will meet their needs and goals;
(3) allow institutions to evaluate the acceptability of transfer credits into their own

JTS has enjoyed wide acceptance of credits across denominational boundaries, including:
Assemblies of God, Baptist, Church of God, Church of The Nazarene, Church of Christ, Free
Methodist, Episcopal, Foursquare, Presbyterian Free Will Baptist, Lutheran Salvation Army,
Reformed Roman Catholic, Southern Baptist, United Methodist, and Wesleyan.

JTS students and graduates hold positions of high regard around the world. They serve as authors,
administrators, counselors, evangelists, pastors, principals, mental health workers, state prison
chaplains, and school teachers, both private and public.

Jacksonville Theological Seminary is also affiliated with the National Christian Counseling
Association (NCCA). As a result, our students graduating with Christian Psychology degrees are
allowed to apply for and receive a Christian Counselor's license.

JTS Students have been accepted by many other schools and seminarys.
Oral Roberts University
Fuller Theological Seminary
Regent University
LaSalle University

Disclaimer Statement
Transferability of credits earned at Jacksonville Theological Seminary and transferred to another
institution is at the discretion of the receiving institution.

All Degrees of Jacksonville Theological Seminary are of an ecclesiastical nature, and whether granted or
conferred, are in the restricted area of religion with the special purpose of preparing
persons to work in the area of religion -- whether educational, ministerial, or service activities--
and are not designed to be used in the general academic circles.

The following certificate and degrees can be earned at
Jacksonville Theological Seminary:

Christian Worker's Certificate

Associate of Religious Arts Degree In:

Biblical Studies

Bachelor of Religious Arts Degree In:

Biblical Studies
Christian Education
Christian Psychology

Master of Religious Arts Degree In:

Christian Education
Christian Psychology

Doctorate Degree:

Christian Education
Christian Psychology

Tuition Schedule

The following tuition schedule is the estimated average cost of each degree:

Degree Total Tuition
Bachelor of Arts $ 1725.00
Master of Arts $ 1775.00
Doctoral $ 2200.00

Admission Information

Applicants for admission to Jacksonville Theological Seminary are considered without regard to sex,
age, color, national or ethnic origin. JTS will accept any and all individuals who desire to
increase their knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Each prospective student will be
assessed according to academic background and experience. An individualized program of
study will be set up to meet those needs. The JTS application for admission must be sent
to the Facilitator's office. Once the admissions office receives an application, with the
agreed upon tuition payment, you will be notified regarding acceptance and a personalized
degree plan.

Primary Purpose and Objective:

Our tuition is kept low to make it affordable to pursue an advanced degree. Our monthly
payment plan is offered to everyone enrolled in JTS and the amount of payments can be
tailored to fit most budgets. It is not our objective to make money; it is to offer a chance for
personal improvement and to promote advancement in the furtherance of the Kingdom of

Dismissal Policy

Jacksonville Theological Seminary reserves the right at any time to place on probation, suspend or
dismiss a student whose academic standing, financial obligations, progress, or conduct is
not deemed satisfactory by the administration.

Transfer and Prior Learning Credit

Transfer Credit:

Jacksonville Theological Seminary will accept in transfer all completed courses passed at any
reputable institution. These courses will be evaluated and recorded on the official
transcript. When possible they will be applied to courses required for a specific degree.

Prior Learning Credit:

JTS awards credit for seminars and workshops attended through work or church. (Seminar
class hours divided by 10 equals credit hours)

Ministerial Service and Life/Work Credit:

Credit for life/work/ministry will be evaluated. You may have years of part-time or full-time
work in Christian service which would be of credit value. You will be asked to submit a
short bibliography/resume for evaluation.

These credits may be applied to each degree through the master's level. Life experience
credit is not available at the doctoral level. Eight (8) credit hours may be earned for each
year of ministry on a church staff or in evangelism, teaching or workshops with a maximum
of 60 hours toward a bachelor's degree and six (6) hours toward a master's degree.

Post High School Education:

To convert classroom hours to semester hours, divide by ten (10). To convert quarter
hours to semester hours, multiply by 2/3.

General Information:

Jacksonville Theological Seminary offers Facilitator-directed external degree programs. No campus time is


Once applicants have received official notice that they have been accepted as students at
Jacksonville Theological Seminary, they may begin ordering courses. They will order courses
according to their personalized degree plans.

Each course consists of an album containing lectured lessons on cassette tapes, a course
outline with multiple choice questions, and an exam sheet to record the answers to the questions.
The student will listen to the taped class lecture and answer the questions and complete any paperwork
included in the course. A serious student will find that many hours of studying and listening to the
tapes will be required in order to answer correctly every question. Even though the instructor may
recommend collateral reading, all answers will be found solely on the taped cassette lessons.

Course outlines are written in multiple-choice style consisting of four possible answers. Unlike the
tests you may be used to, however, all four answers may be correct, but only the one answer the
professor gave on the cassette will be marked correct. This ensures that our students are learning and

Once the answer sheet has been completed, it is then mailed to your Facilitator.
Within fifteen days, the student will have the exam returned with his grade posted across the top.
This grade is also recorded on the students permanent transcript.

General Requirements:

High School or GED, and short essay of salvation experience

Grading Schedule:

100-91 A
90-81 B
80-71 C
70-61 D
Below -61 F

Students with failing grades are allowed one additional attempt for a higher grade on any
session assignment. At that time, individual procedures of counseling, assistance and
encouragement are provided. Our primary goal is to help you achieve your certification or

Core Curriculum

Old Covenant
New Covenant
Gifts and Callings
Teaching & Learning Theory
Pastoral Psychology
Crisis Counseling

The Core Curriculum is the required curriculum for an Associate of Arts degree and is a
prerequisite to all other degree programs. Student who have completed any of these
courses may request a waiver when proof of completion is provided.
All students must do practicum/intership.

For Bachelor's Degree:
150 Hour Practicum/Internship
Outline each tape, a summary- (minimum 2 page with a cover page) per course series studied.
A book report (minimum of 3 pages) on a book related to the subject
matter of each course.

For Master's Degree:
150 Hour Practicum/Internship
Outline each tape, a summary- (minimum 2 page with a cover page) per course series studied.
A paper that is a minimum of fifteen (15) typewritten pages with at least three
outside references, for each lecture series.
Minimum of ten (10) lectures series.

For Doctorate Degree:
75 Hour Practicum/Internship
Outline each tape, than a summary- (minimum 2 page with a cover page) per course series studied.
A paper that is a minimum of twenty-five (25) pages. A typewritten dissertation to "add"
knowledge to the course with at least five outside references, for each lesson.
To be completed as per guidelines and submitted per course with the completed
answer sheet for each lecture series.
Minimum of ten (10) lectures series.

Total Hours Required per Degree:

Associate Degree 60 hrs.
Bachelor's Degree 120 hrs.
Master's Degree 150 hrs.
Doctorate Degree 180 hrs.

(Accumulated Hours)


Thank you for taking the time to review this overview of what JTS has and can offer you.

In our approach to education, which is by equipping through means of our Extension Classes, Weekend Seminars, and our taped supervised Home Study Program, we believe our training is one of the most effective found anywhere.

Education is an investment, which pays dividends throughout life. We are delighted that you are interested in your own training and continuing education, thus, you are better equipped to serve and train others as well. Additinally, at JTS your work will be recognized!

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Prospective students will be assessed according to academic background and experience. Then indiviualized programs of study will be set up to meet the needs of each student. We are here and ready to serve you! If we can assit you in any way, Please let us know.

Click to download the application.Click here
Please include the $25.00 application fee.

In His Service, Max O. Flynn

Also, feel free to send us mail at : (
Or Write:
Dr. Max O. Flynn, Facilitator
P.O. Box 1177
Greenville, NC 27835-1177

Phone(252) 355-2888.

These prices effective 9/01/00
Thank you for your interest in our service.

Dr. Max O. Flynn, Facilitator