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Jacksonville Theological Seminary
Student Application Form

Print this form out and follow the direction.
Then download the application below.

Submit transcripts from any College/University/Bible School/Or Seminary you may have attended.

Submit a copy of your ordination certificate (if you are an Ordained Minister).

Submit a “Spiritual” resume’ listing your most recent service unto the lord first, then working back. Would you please include the date, month, or year of your salvation.

Submit copies of any degrees/diplomas/certificates you may have earned.

Download this form, print it out and mail it to:

Dr. Terry Lee Stair/Facilitator

112 Jacqueline Terrace

Milledgeville, Ga. 31061

Include $50.00, make it out to New Life Church

Click on the link and download the application to your desktop.
It will only take 20 seconds.

Click to download the Application Document